Heather Fedewa cleaned her bootknife for these cuts. Fresh for this life, the A side was recorded with King Riff deep in the recesses of the Bauer Mansion, while Side B has a jam under mission control of Sic Alps' Matthew Hartman and a nice finish on the last track from a collaboration with Germany's Hanoi Janes.

Interior freak collage by Mike Donovan.

Tapes are $5 - edition of 100.


Well here it is folks and just in time for Ty's Summer U.S. tour -$INGLES. Hard to believe its only taken a couple of years for Ty to amass such a large body of singles - and with such a high percentage of bangers no less. This tape is full of said bangers - 22 to be exact. Just in time for summer break-ups and freak-outs. Levels are in the red to keep you moving. Beautiful beach bods drawing by Joe Roberts. Sick!

Edition of 100.



Ty Segall's 'Singles' comp cassette tape is slated for an August 2010 release and a Wax Idols (Heather from Blasted Canyons and ex-Bare Wires) goodie is soon to follow. Look out y'all.


Now available is a limited 100 edition cassette tape of Long Legged Woman's Drugs Don't Last Forever. Five radical rippers on side A and a thick oily blowout jammer on side B. This is the first release for PSYCHIC SNERTS and what a wonderful way to start some shit with these sludgepackers in my corner. Oh and Kottie Paloma drew the beardo on the cover - sweet!

Long Legged Woman moved their unit from Athens to San Francisco this year and they brought with them plenty of teenage muscle to the Bay. This manages to deliver a lot of bitching, moaning, and caveman sludgery over the course of
six wonked out tracks. Each song chugs along with brutal beats backing the constant sore throat vocals and wandering squeals and thuds of the everyman guitar riffing. They are definitely pulling pages from the book inked by progenitors of psych punk slackerdom, yet their use of this messed up language seems to come from a very personal place. Each song acts as a note in a journal, bearing its zits and exploits in sweaty abandon. This is a band for the endless basement party where bruising is encouraged and dudes are required to pack their hairy dicks away and just throw a good old prepubescent tantrum.

"Well, they started as a good noise/psych/folk band and then jumped on the weird-punk bandwagon with their first 7". Now they've put out this cassette EP which continues the weird-punk styles, and, like the 7", does it well enough not to be dismissed. In fact, I really like the second song on here, in which folky distorto verses are alternated with double-time thrash choruses. It reminds me of that year or two pre-Nirvana when post-punk was becoming grunge all on its own, without any mass media assistance or major label money. A good ratty low budget sound. All five of the tunes on side one are like that, really. Side two is a single noise piece that hearkens back to their original style, more solid than it is mindblowing, but still a nice bookend to a good tape." - BLASTITUDE

Tapes come with a nice screen printed poster if you order here.

Get one from da boys at one of their upcoming shows (several with Eat Skull), or just email me at